being reborn

I have never felt more connected to my brand. 

A few weeks ago, I was put into a position that opened the door of massive and (unwanted) change

My 4 year relationship and engagement ended, leaving me in a state of 1000 different emotions

It was never something I thought I would have to prepare for again...

My future seemed so certain and it felt like in my little book of survival guides and “what to do if…” - this was never included in it

I felt so lost.

I kept thinking “I’m 25 and having to start fresh is going to be impossible”, “I’ve already invested so much time, I don’t want to start again” and obviously “I don’t want to be alone.”

I had, and still have, no clue what to do.

But I do know of one thing that is certain,

And it’s that I will be reborn. I have to be.

My perspective began to change, I’m ONLY 25, not I’m ALREADY 25. I don’t HAVE to start again, I GET to start again. I began to train my mind for this specific situation the same way I would give advice to any of you in this type of situation. Every setback is a chance for a new opportunity, whether you want to accept it or act on it - it’s the truth. And although every fibre of my being didn’t want to get up, start again, take this as an opportunity and get in control - I knew I had to do it for my future self.

A week or so into reflecting this breakup and preparing for moving out, I thought about this brand I created and the message it stands for. 

It’s like maybe this brand was my survival guide to these tough times without me knowing it? And maybe each & every one of you whether you know it or not are helping me get through this?

I always preach that at any given point in your life you have the opportunity to start again. To create a new reality for yourself. And I feel like I must practice what I preach in this situation, I must start again. 

It’s funny, because when I first came out with this brand, I already had a massive tie to the idea of being reborn and a huge meaning behind it - but I also had a feeling that the idea of this would come up again in different forms of my life and I would always be able to preach this idea, practice it, and be passionate about it.

Life can be absolutely wonderful at times but it can also be the opposite and feel like the hardest thing to do. And if you’re at the low end I just want you to know that you’re not alone. From the deepest part in my heart, I want you to know that there is always space for you to start again. There is always space for you to connect with others, be vulnerable, tell your stories and listen to other ones. 

My dream with this brand is for you all to create your own meaning & story with the concept of being “reborn” and to feel like you’re apart of this community of like minded individuals. I just want to thank you for taking the time to read my story and also for being patient in this process of healing. It won’t be easy but I’m sure a lot of new collections will come from it :’) 

love you forever


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