Hi! My name is Tova and I'm the founder and creator of Reborn Club.
Reborn Club is a Canadian brand that was created in hopes to support individuals on their self-growth and betterment journey. I believe that at any point we have the ability to start again. There was a time in my life where I had to choose to either stay the same or change as an individual and I decided from that moment forward to move in the direction of betterment and change. I manifested a life in which my whole reality changed.
Now I have the chance to share my experiences, lessons, and perspectives in a creative way. Every item I come out with will always have meaning, it will always have a story behind it. My goal is to create unity, to make sure you're not alone on your journey, and to make products that can bond us through it all. 
To me, being 'reborn' means to start again, to create a new 'you' or a new reality. I think that we all have the chance to be reborn if we truly believe in it. I think a lot of individuals are reborn at some point in their lives as they go through hardships, challenges, or even rejection. In most situations, we have the opportunity to remain the same or to change. I think you are so courageous if you choose to change in those situations. I'm so proud of you for growing, for stepping outside your comfort zone, for being a better you. 
This brand is created to inspire and support everyone else in similar situations, and create a community of driven individuals. 
Welcome to Reborn Club :)