I manifested a new job & winning money and it worked.

I manifested getting a new job and winning the lottery amongst many other things and I actually achieved those things. Today, I want to share my hacks and tips when it comes to manifesting with you.

I know you must be thinking — “HOW??” so let’s get straight to that right now. Let’s reverse back to the start of November 2020, where I got offered a full time job that I never even applied for. The start of that week I realized how badly I needed a job, but I had no clue where to start. As a first step, I started writing in my journal in the morning this exact sentence “A new job and opportunity is on its way to me, and I will openly receive it.” After writing that sentence, I visualized for 30 seconds what that job looked like to me, and how it would feel to be employed. The very next day, I got a call from a very old manager telling me she has a full time fitness manager position open for me, and that I can start as soon as the end of this week. As you can imagine, I started freaking out because I haven’t spoken to her in such a long time and it came out of complete nowhere. I ended up taking the job and my first day of work was Friday of that week.

Since I was feeling lucky that week, I decided to push it further by writing in my journal every morning “I am going to win money from the scratch lottery tickets this week, and I will get several brands contacting me to collaborate on instagram.” Just like before, I visualized this sentence for 30 seconds or so (this is VERY important, and we will talk about what goes into visualizing very shortly). I went out and got a lottery ticket that day and ended up winning $25.. which really never happens on the 3$ scratch tickets. The next day I went back, cashed in that lottery ticket and bought another one. I won $50. I obviously went to test my luck again, but only got lucky with a $5 win after those two wins. Regardless of the fact, winning about $80 from scratch tickets in a row is pretty unheard of for me and my lottery ticket obsession. Now lets talk brand collabs, would you believe me if I told you I got great 5 brands contacting me that week? Because I did. I managed to get a few apparel companies along with some food/supplement companies reaching out to me for some collaboration work.

Now you must be wondering — okay if you’re this lucky then why don’t you just do it all the time? Why did this only work out this week? And the truth is, that this was just a really good week. For manifesting to be effective, you must be able to raise your vibrations & frequency and have it stay there. In other words, you need to be unbreakable and to be floating at a high vibration in order to attract the things you want that are also operating at that high vibration. Not every week am I up there, I personally think it’s very hard to be operating at a high vibration all the time (at least for me). Sometimes, it’s hard to visualize because my mind is full of overthinking thoughts from the night before or busy days ahead. Sometimes I have bad days and it’s hard to bring myself on a high vibration. However, I can always feel when I’m going to have a good week, and I think it’s important to take advantage of it. Now, I want to share some tips on how you can build yourself up to having that good week of manifesting, and all of my tricks.


Since you’ve heard me talk about this quite a bit, I thought why not start with it. When I talk about visualizing, I mean closing your eyes and thinking about the life/thing/item/etc you want to manifest into reality. I usually like to do this while listening to high frequency music. Try listening to 528 HZ frequency on youtube. This usually includes (but is not limited to):

  • visualizing where you would be or what the setting would look like
  • visualizing who you would be with
  • visualizing what you would look like, be wearing, talk like, etc (be as specific as possible!)
  • thinking about how you would feel and actually feeling those emotions to the best of your ability during your visualization
  • visualizing what you would be touching, if touching anything and what that would feel like

It’s important that you can really use your imagination for this step, hence why I say it usually doesn’t work if your mind is preoccupied. Sometimes it may help if you try a meditation pre-visualizing to calm your mind down. But don’t get discouraged if you can’t do it on your first try…you’ll get it!

Writing in your journal:

I divide my morning journal sessions up in this exact way:

Part 1: what your intentions are for the day

  • In this part you can talk about what you want to achieve out of the day, the person you want to be, and/or the way you want to think/approach situations.

Part 2: affirmation of the day

  • In this part, you want to provide yourself with an uplifting statement/affirmation that can help raise your mood for the rest of the day. Try to make your affirmation detailed, and something that can relate to your intention for the day.

Part 3: Three things you’re grateful for

  • Expressing gratitude at the start of your day is probably one of the most beneficial things you could do in your morning routine. When you express gratitude, you express positivity and good vibrations. You ground yourself back to the present moment, and actively choose to look at the good. Write three things that bring you joy, or that you are grateful for.

Manifesting methods:

It’s important to understand that when you want to manifest something, if you ask for it correctly — you only need to ask for it once. The more you dwell on something NOT happening, you are acknowledging it not happening and therefore feeding into the doubt that it may not happen. Once you ask something from the universe, believe in its abilities to make its way to you. Go on with your life and actively try to better yourself through those journaling techniques listed above, meditations, visualization sessions, etc.

There are some manifesting boosting methods that you can try if you feel stuck. Try searching up 5 x 55, 3 6 9, and 3 x 33 manifesting method on google. This will give you a feel of some common known methods that are almost like a ‘hack’ to the system.

Lastly, be consistent.

Probably the most important of them all, be consistent! You can’t say you want a life of success and be sitting on the couch all day. Get up, show up as the person you dream to be, start acting like them and talking like them. Try new projects that you think your future self would thank you for. Constantly work on bettering your mindset. Learn more, read more, educate yourself. Be consistent in making yourself the best version that you can be. I’ve been manifesting and bettering my mindset for over a year and there is so much to learn. I have seen SIGNIFICANT results from simply just trying everything I have talked about above. I highly recommend you try at least one thing from this post, and if you do… I’d love to know how you find it! Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading this, and don’t ever forget that your potential is LIMITLESS.

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