Why I chose to start Reborn Club

I personally feel like it's important to understand a brands values and the meaning behind their work. It builds a sense of trust, unity, and community that I feel is essential. 

When I started Reborn Club, it was just a thought at the back of my head. It derived from my tattoo I have on my right hand. I got that tattoo a few years ago after being faced with a difficult situation. My brother and I were in the car at the time, going for a drive to get our thoughts straight and the first song that came on was 'Reborn' by Kid Cudi (amazing song). We listened to the song in silence & when it finished we agreed that we are going to be reborn and create a new reality for ourselves that won't mirror the past. We got 'reborn' tattooed on our hands the next day. 

To me, being reborn means to start again. It means to be revived, and to create a new reality for ourselves. I think that we all have the chance to be reborn if we truly believe in it. I think a lot of individuals are reborn at some point in their lives as they go through hardships, challenges or rejection of any sorts because all of those things seem ground breaking to us. In most situations, we have the opportunity to remain the same or to change. I think you are courageous if you choose to change in those situations. I think choosing the route of growth is admirable, and I'm proud of you if that is what you choose. 

Essentially, that is what Reborn Club stands for. We stand for the individuals that choose to grow, change, step out of their comfort zones and better themselves. I want Reborn Club to quite literally be a club of like-minded individuals. I never imagined Reborn Club to be just a brand. I want it to be an interactive community that anyone can join and be proud of joining. 

I hope you have a better understanding of my perspective when creating my brand, and if you want to connect and talk further about this feel free to reach out to me! 

Email: info@rebornclubco.com or send me a DM! @rebornclub.co

with love, 


Creator & Owner of Reborn Club

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